Other side projects

In addition to Behave, I have been dabbling with a few other side projects. Find a brief description and relevant links leading from this page.


A small editor extension for Unity, ReView lets you in a very simple manner define layouts for editor and playmode specifically – automatically switching between the two as you enter and exit playmode.



ReView is available on the Asset Store at a very affordable price.


Started before Behave, Path is an editor interfaced pathfinding runtime for the Unity engine.

Originally only available on a custom, closed-source license, Path was open-sourced on an MIT license.


The idea of Path is to make pathfinding available to everyone with a simple, easy to understand runtime – dealing with interconnected waypoint networks.

A great sidekick to this runtime is the Path editor interface which lets the user manually set up and / or generate his or her network to fit the active scenario.


Fork away with the source, but it would really be awesome if you could provide some pull requests every now and then, as my primary development focus is on Behave.