Contract- and consulting work

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I work as a freelance game developer, specialising in AI. I base this on more than a decade of professional game development experience and nine years of Unity expertise – four of which I spent working at Unity Technologies.

To the right you will find a list of companies for which I have done freelance work since leaving Unity in July 2013. For further details on my qualifications, please see my LinkedIn profile as well as the contents of this site.

Task-wise, I am experienced with- and ready to take on anything from consulting on production and technical design to teaching/lecturing, middleware integration, and hands-on production work.

Need a squad-based tactical AI implementation or perhaps an introduction to a specific subject within AI / Unity / game development? Not a problem.

I am of-course also very interested in discussing that other cool job you had in mind, which I did not think of at time of writing.

Want to play? Please fill in details of what you had in mind and how I can reach you in the following form:


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Available in more detail on linkedin – including links to recordings, slides and examples, I have presented talks at events in several countries, including Denmark, Canada, USA, Korea, Japan, China, Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, Singapore, England, and France.

Speaker events include:

  • Unite 08, 10, 11, 12, 14
  • Nordic Game Jam 12, 13, 15
  • Asia Bootcamp: Seoul 12
  • Asia Bootcamp: Tokyo 12
  • Asia Bootcamp: Beijing 12
  • Game AI Conference 12
  • Unite Seoul 13
  • Unite Tokyo 13
  • Unite Shanghai 13
  • Unite Nordic 13
  • LUUG 25
  • GGJ CPH 14
  • GDC 14, 15, 17
  • Game Connection Europe 14
  • Code Mesh 14
  • Unite Europe 15
  • A long list of IGDA DK events

Additionally I have co-organised several incarnations of the Nordic Game Jam and the conference.

For more details, see my Lanyrd profile linked from the sidebar.